Our Vision

We operate our enterprises in keeping with our management policies, which are the groundwork for our group’s vision.

Existence Purpose

  • To pursue excellence and the diversity of people, and to find joy in devoting ourselves to people through etiquette and reason, and to pursue family bonds and happiness
  • To take responsibility for nurturing personnel who can contribute to the world, and to establish value as a business through free and open discussion
  • To take responsibility for the local region, to strive to contribute to the betterment of society, to earn respect, and to be a presence that can be relied upon
  • To have pride and confidence as citizens of Japan, contribute to the prosperity of our nation, and to have the courage to contribute to the development of the world

Management Policies

  • 1. Nurturing and Investing in Human Resources
  • 2. Becoming a robust business that takes on challenges without fear of failure
  • 3. Moving people, and striving to contribute to the area and society
  • 4. Creating a brand we can take pride in
  • 5. Becoming internationally competitive businesses


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