Nurturing personnel who can contribute to the world through solving societal problems

Regarding Businesses

Producing personnel that can contribute to society

We aim to carry out our duty to nurture personnel who can contribute to society by taking pride and having confidence in being Japanese and solving societal problems through their work.

Making the best use of and building on each individual’s skills

We believe that all individuals are instilled with excellent skills. We aim to ascertain those skills and place these individuals in positions where they can make the best use of them.
Through on-the-job training and training courses, we aim to help each individual build skills.

Regarding Schools

Character building to produce formidable members of society

Character building is not limited to building specialized skills necessary to take part in society. We also strive to instill in people essential traits such as communication skills, writing skills, interview skills, manners, and emotional strength.

Learning skills that are useful in society

We have established 14 different courses of study that instill in people specialized skills that are in demand by society, such as those in information technology, medical treatment, hotel operation, bridal business, accounting, public service, insurance, and more, so that they can utilize these skills as something they have to offer.


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