“Our group originated in enterprises that have social significance, such as Kabaya Caramel and Kabaya Children’s Library.”

“We will do anything to raise Japan’s spirits and bring prosperity to the people.”
In the period after the war, the people had very little.
The founder, Nozu Katsumi, drove his “Hippo Car” to raise Japan’s spirits,used food to bring smiles back to faces, and used education to pursue futures for children.

It didn’t stop at providing food.
These socially significant endeavors are the root of Nippon Kabaya Ohayo Holdings,
and are what we hold most dear.

Following Kabaya Caramel, we sold products such as “Juicy-C”, which allowed people to get their vitamin C with ease, and “Big One Gum,” Japan’s first candy toy in which toys play the main role.
By establishing new categories of products, we gave children dreams.
We created a culture of “drinking” yogurt in Japan with a ground-breaking container, as well as a baked custard made by cracking open the egg toward the end of the manufacturing process. In this way, we have sought for quality of flavor and delivered our “true form” to the world.

We strive to rethink what it means to make people happy, and, in order to strive to be a business for society and its people, we will continue to cherish our roots and deliver to the world our “true form.”

  • 1946 – Kabaya Foods Corporation founded
  • 1953 – OHAYO DAIRY PRODUCTS CO., LTD. founded
  • 1955 – ExL.Pack-Kabaya Co., Ltd. founded
  • 1961 – Square-building Co., Ltd. founded
  • 1964 – Setonaikai Keizai Report Co., Ltd. founded
  • 1972 – Fuji Buturyu Co., Ltd. founded
  • – Tokyo Leisure Development Co., Ltd. founded
  • – SxL Kabaya Corporation founded
  • – Ikedapetfarm Co., Ltd. founded
  • 1973 – Total Assist Kabaya Inc. founded
  • 1986 – Okayama Information College opens
  • 1990 – System Mate Co., Ltd. founded
  • 2016 – Nippon Kabaya Ohayo Holdings Inc. established
  • 2017 – SxL Kabaya Corporation changed its name to Life Design Kabaya Corporation
  • – Fuji Buturyu Co., Ltd. and System Mate Co., Ltd.merge
  • Link & Linkage Inc. established
  • – Ohayo Biotechnologies Inc. established
  • – Ikedapetfarm Co.,Ltd.changes its name to Life Partner Ikeda Co., Ltd.
  • 2023 – Life Partner Ikeda Co., Ltd. transfers shares of all stores except the Kyoyama store
  • The original company has been renamed to Ikedapetfarm Co.,Ltd.
  • – Absorbed Ikedapetfarm Co.,Ltd. Inc. into OHAYO DAIRY PRODUCTS CO., LTD.
  • – Absorbed Ohayo Biotechnologies Inc. into OHAYO DAIRY PRODUCTS CO., LTD.


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