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Nippon Kabaya Ohayo Holdings Inc. (below, this Company) established and manages / operates the website of Nippon Kabaya Ohayo Holdings Inc. (below, This Website). Before using This Website, please read “Precautions Regarding Use” below. Using This Website indicates your acceptance of the entirety of its content. Please do not use This Website if you do not accept it.

Precautions Regarding Use

1. Copyright and Other Rights

The content of This Website belongs to This Company unless other otherwise specified, and is protected by copyright law.
Reprinting for commercial aims and reproducing (including after modification) This Website is prohibited without permission from This Company.

2. Changes to This Website

This Company offers This Website as a service. This Company has the right to without warning remove, modify, or add to the content of This Website at any time using any method. This Company bears no responsibly for anything that may arise due to such changes.

3. Use of This Website: Guarantee and Responsibility

This Company tries to include the newest and most accurate information on This Website, but bears no responsibility for and provides no guarantee of the accuracy, completeness or appropriateness of the information provided.
Users of This Website agree to access and use it as well websites linked to from it at their own responsibility and own risk.
This Company bears no responsibility for damages that may arise from using, accessing, or not being able to access This Website or websites linked to from it, or for damages that may arise from trusting incorrect information on this Website.

4. Linking to this Website

This Website may be freely linked to insofar as it is not done for aims that go against public order and morality or in a way that violates copyright law or laws protecting personal information. In general links to This Website should be to its top page, and also make clear that it is run by This Company. This Company may request the removal of a link to This Website when the link is deemed inappropriate.
The URLs of content on this website are subject to change.

5. The Collection and Usage of Attribute Information, Browsing Device Information, Location Information, Browsing History, etc.

  • Attribute Information, Browsing Device Information, Location Information, Browsing History, etc. (Below, Browsing History, etc.): Cookies, etc.
    This group uses cookies to protect user privacy, increase convenience, deliver advertisements, and collect statistical data. (Cookies are text files consisting of arbitrary characters that substitute for personal information. They are exchanged between this service’s server and customers’ internet browsing software (browser). They are stored on the hard discs of users’ computers. This log collecting can be stopped by turning off cookies in browser settings (not allowing cookies to be stored). This site can be used normally even when cookies are turned off.)

    Cookie, JavaScript, and other kinds of technologies may be used to collect age, gender, employment, area of residence, and other non-identifying attribute information (information that even when combined does not identify the individual), browsing device information, user browsing history on this service’s website (URLs and content accessed, the order in which they were accessed, etc.), as well as, in the case of smartphones, etc., location information (based on users’ consent / request). No personal information is included in cookies or Browsing History, etc.

  • Use of Google Analytics
    Tools, including Google Analytics, are used to collect and analyze access logs. Logs collected with Google Analytics are managed based on Google’s Privacy Policy.
    Google Analytics (Opens in a new window)
    Google’s Privacy Policy (Opens in a new window)

    It is possible to turn off Google Analytics’ tracking with the Google Analytics Opt-Out Add-on. The Google Analytics Opt-out Add-on allows website users to turn off Google Analytics’ JavaScript-based data usage. To use this function, please download this add-on and install it in your web browser.
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  • Security
    This Website uses a security function called “SSL” to protect customers’ personal information. (SSL prevents thirty party data eavesdropping, falsification, etc. by sending and receiving the personal information entered by customers (name, address, etc.) after automatically encrypting it.)

6. Governing Laws

This Website and the interpretation and application of “Precautions Regarding Usage” are based on Japanese Law. Disputes relating to them will be settled under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court.

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